Rum Babel Fish

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Long ago I wanted to develop a continuous time line of the technical history of rum production beginning with the Great Agricola, W.F. Whitehouse and ending with Fahrasmane and the INRA. These papers do not represent all of the continuous time line, but rather just the translations and a few extras from the time period I worked on this. There are tons more papers if you go further back.

Eventually, I’ll try to update this with bibliographies specifically looking at Rum Oil and Schizosaccharomyces Pombe yeast.

Much of this was synthesized in this presentation:

10/26/18 2018 Kingston, Jamaica Alcohol School Presentation The Grand Arôme Rum Tradition

Operation Rum Babel Fish began after discovering Olbrich in the 1975 Rum Symposium when I realized that many of the best works would have to be translated.

1/27/16 Narrative of the 1975 Rum Symposium

7/23/17 Hubert Von Olbrich, Über rum completeist \m/(-.-)\m/

11/26/17 Operation Rum Babelfish, A bibliography

I had known of Fahrasmane for a while, but finally discovered the INRA bibliography and proceeded to track down a lot of the citations.

10/11/17 Thirty Years of Rum Technology at INRA

10/2917 Presence Of Acrolein Derivatives In A Rum Of Abnormal Taste

10/30/17 Fermentation Properties of Rhumerie Yeasts

10/31/17 Problems Posed by the use of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe in the Making of Rums

11/2/17 Role of Corynebacteria in the Production of Acrolein (2 propenal) in Rums

11/4/17 Traditional Fermentations of Molasses and Cane Juice in the French Antilles

11/8/17 Arroyo’s Invitation: The Problem of the Ripening of Crude Rum

11/3/17 Technology and Typical Elements of French Antilles Rums

11/10/17 Karl Micko’s Quantum Leap

11/16/17 Ethyl Esters Of Higher Fatty Acids Of Rhums

11/16/17 Glycerol in the alcoholic fermentation of molasses and sugar cane juice

11/22/17 The Formic Acid Component of the Volatile Acidity of Rums

11/25/17 Lost rum of the Japanese Bonin islands. 1908

11/25/17 Conduct of the Alcoholic Fermentation Workshops of Molasses and Beet Molasses Products

11/27/17 Fincke E. About the distinction between Jamaikarum and Kunstrum. 1913

11/29/17 Jonscher A. For the knowledge and evaluation of rum, Rumverschnitten and Kunstrum. 1914

11/29/17 Contribution to the bacteriology of manufacturing waters of Guadeloupe distilleries

11/29/17 Introduction of a yeast with rum aptitude in fermentation of sugar cane derivatives

12/15/17 Study of the volatile acidity of French Antilles rums

1/20/18 German Rum, Dr Kurt Brauer, 1922

1/23/18 German Arrack, Dr. Kurt Brauer, 1923

2/2/18 For the Qualitative Assessment of Noble Brandy, in Particular Rum, Arrak and Kirschwasser

2/11/18 Handbuch der Lebensmittelchemie on Arrak 1968

2/15/18 Contribution to the study and evaluation of wine distillates and brandies

3/2/18 Die Fabrikation des Jamaika – Rums und des Batavia – Arraks Deutsche Destillateurs Zeitung

3/3/18 The Quality Of The Java-Arrak. by H. C. Prinsen Geerligs (1905)

3/15/18 Vorderman’s Analecta. An Introduction to the Probiotic World of Batavia (1893)

3/20/18 Le Rhum Grand Arôme by Desiree Kervegant (1936)

4/21/18 The Birectifier in Rum Manufacture (1945)

6/24/18 Circular 106, Rum Manufacture, Rafael Arroyo, 1938

7/14/18 Odd Nordland: Brewing and Beer Traditions in Norway (1969)


11/2/18 S.F. Ashby, overrun by budding yeasts in Pombe country (1913)

11/18/18 Manuel de Sucrerie de Cannes, Laguarigue de Survilliers, 1932

9/6/19 D. KERVÉGANT – Rhum and Cane Eau-de-vie (1946)

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