Stephen Shellenberger, the Bostonapothecary, is announcing 2018 as the year of the distillery analysis lab and is committed to bringing 10 years of paper research to life. Equipment partnerships are being established and soon we will have some great educational programming to share with you.

Self education over the last ten years has turned Stephen into a full fledged beverage technologist and highly sought out technical historian amassing the largest collection of advanced technical writings on the topic of distillation with very significant amounts of first time digitized documents.

Current topics studied are advanced pragmatic spirits analysis for small distilleries and the application of modern bio technology practices to small productions. Intense research is being conducted to source the most pragmatic actionable analysis procedures.

Stephen is a beverage generalist capable of comparatively contextualizing products, their sensory evaluation, and production techniques across categories. This allows knowledge from one category to not exist in a bubble, but advance understanding of another.

The machine shop is still producing the bostonapothecary line of pilot plant carbonating equipment with enthusiastic usage around the world.

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  1. I just came across your blog while attempting to discover some reference materials to feed my aspirations of being a success at botanical cocktails. I bartend in Philadelphia, but was trained at the bare minimum and have been making my own way ever since. I have the natural tendency to make drinks well– and to experiment when the bar is slow. But what I really want is to fully understand how apothecary and herbal ingredients function with liqueurs. Can you suggest any method/reference book/etc.? I want to learn as much as I can so that I qualify for bars like Apothecary Lounge. Thanks!
    And Love your blog, by the way.

  2. I sat across the bar from you at Drink the other night. Will hipped me to your blog. I like what I’ve read so far!! Which Cape Verdean rums are you into? We have a bunch of them at Clio — a nova, an aged, and a ponche, all from Santo Antao. Come by sometime and have a drink.

  3. Hi Randy.

    Thanks for checking out the blog. Please forgive the horrible default WordPress setup I use.

    I like all the cape verdean rums but I’ve become good friends with the owner of vale d’paul in santo antao so that is more or less all I drink now. I’m trying to go over there soon and check out their setup. For a while I had been trying to get them picked up by mswalker or the importer domain select so they would be easier to get on the shelves in bars.

    What nights do you work at clio?

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