I’ve been expanding my workshop and all products are available but the designs have evolved a little bit as I’ve grown in sophistication. I’m due for a new photo shoot! Lately bottling equipment has been shipping around the world. The last year has seen a lot of repeat customers coming back for more equipment. A few tools also ended up in Napa and Sonoma wineries which was quite exciting to me. Birectifiers are still available and are ending up in some of the best American distilleries.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have. The restaurant has been astoundingly busy so my ethos here has been more like: rather than selling, I simply try to make things available.

Best. -Stephen

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For Sale Birectifier beverage distillate analysis kit ($1800USD)

For Sale: Champagne Bottle Manifold ($175USD)

For Sale: Counter Pressure Keg-to-Champagne Bottler ($300USD)

For Sale: Small Bottle Bottler ($115USD)

For Sale: Large Bottle Bottler ($190USD)

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  1. LS,

    I am only interested in the glass cooler and deplegmator. We ha plenty of equipment for heating, boiling and stand. Can you make me a quotation including shipping to Amsterdam. Also the size of the box and weight would be great. Looking forward for your soon reply.

    Mienco Dijkstra
    Amsterdam distilling Co.

  2. Do you have an RD80 for sale

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