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  • [2/1/2023—If you are planning a birectifier purchase for 2024, feel free to email me. The price is going down but I cannot commit to a number yet, and we are figuring out a way to reduce the lead time. I’m also figuring out a way to incorporate fun discounts; send me a bottle of your spirit and I’ll give you a discount!]

It has been a year packed with birectifier case studies and exploration. If you’re interested in purchasing a birectifier, feel free to email me directly to set it up (birectifier (at) gmail (•) com). The second link below is a few very articulate writings from Arroyo himself about the value of the tool.

4/15/18 For Sale: Birectifier Beverage Distillate Analysis Kit ($1800USD)

4/21/18 The Birectifier in Rum Manufacture (1945)

The next set of links represents background exploration of the tool and its companion tests designed by Luckow and Wüstenfeld, but used by Arroyo in Studies on Rum.

2/24/19 A Round Up Of Four Exemplary Rums

1/5/19 A Tool For Picking Bourbon Barrels: The Birectifier Method

1/4/19 Birectifier Assisted Chromatography

8/5/18 Developing a Birectifier Heating Routine

7/30/18 Advanced Fractioning and Volatility Basics

7/18/18 More birectifier Journaling

7/1/18 Alcoholimetry Update

6/9/18 Sensory Sketches for Apprentices

5/13/18 All About Pycnometers And Accurate Practical ABV

5/1/18 Birectifier Journaling and a New Test

4/26/18 Yeast Exploration, Fermentation Optimization, and Still Tuning With the Birectifier

4/23/18 Deconstructing a Well Known Rum With the Birectifier

4/13/18 Organoleptic to Actionable with the Birectifier

3/31/18 The Evaporation Test

3/20/18 Ye devils… Roast me in sulphur! The last two German tests

3/8/18 Wüstenfeld’s Exhaustive Test

1/21/18 The Surface Tension of Rum

I have performed quite a lot of case studies. What is surprising is how incredible the device works for aromatized products. Chartreuse was a revelation. Gin is incredible. The birectifier will certainly help people out that are developing a broad portfolio. There is a universality to its concepts. Case studies will also eventually aid in marketing.

6/24/20 Birectifier Analysis of Infected Dunder

5/28/20 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Licorice Root)

5/26/20 Birectifier Analysis of LAB peptonized Muck

5/14/20 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Lavender)

5/8/20 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Pimento Berry)

4/30/20 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Bay Leaf)

4/27/20 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Caraway)

4/11/20 Birectifier Analysis of a Perfume, a “masterpiece of weird”

2/27/20 Birectifier Analysis of Bundaberg Australian Rum

2/25/19 Birectifier Analysis Of Quinine (The Aroma Of Danger!)

2/22/19 Birectifier Analysis of Hampden 7 Year Old

2/13/19 Birectifier Analysis Of Velier’s Forsyths WP 502

2/13/19 Birectifier Analysis of Foursquare Single Barbados Rum

2/11/19 Birectifier Analysis Of An Exemplary Peruvian Rum

2/5/19 Birectifier Analysis Of My Favorite Raspberry Liqueur

2/2/19 Birectifier Distillation of Distillers Workbook Exercise #1, Tabasco Aromatized Gin

1/14/19 Birectifier Analysis Of A Full Bodied Rum Tails Fraction

1/7/19 Birectifier Analysis of Herbsaint 45%

11/23/18 Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Gin Botanical (Coriander)

11/10/18 Lessons From The Birectifier Distillation Of Vinegar

10/28/18 Birectifier Analysis Of Rum Fire

10/1/18 Birectifier Analysis of a Demerara Rum

9/29/18 Birectifier Analysis of a Role Model Vermouth

9/18/18 Birectifier Analysis of Appleton 12 Year

9/15/18 Birectifier Analysis of Flor de Caña 18

9/7/18 Birectifier Analysis of Angostura Bitters

9/6/18 Birectifier Analysis of Green Chartreuse

8/13/18 Birectifier Analysis of 1970’s Cointreau

8/9/18 Birectifier Analysis of a Historic Gin

7/25/18 Fractioning A Role Model Mezcal With The Birectifier

7/23/18 Fractioning Wray & Nephews Overproof Rum With The Birectifier

7/10/18 A Birectifier Mulligan

7/8/18 Deconstructing Yellow Plum Brandy With The Birectifier

7/1/18 Deconstructing Fortaleza Tequila With The Birectifier

6/28/18 Deconstructing Bacardi 10 Year With The Birectifier

6/23/18 Fractioning a role model gin with the birectifier

5/24/18 Deconstructing Old Overholt Bonded Rye Whiskey

5/11/18 Fractioning Pear Eau-de-vie With The Birectifier

5/4/18 Striking Rum Oil! Comparing Three Rums With The Birectifier


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