D. KERVÉGANT – Rhum and Cane Eau-de-vie (1946)

Here is the index for my 500 page French translation of Kervegant’s massive (and phenomenal) text on rum. This work is a requisite reference for anyone working in the rum industry and will become a cornerstone of the rum renaissance.

I am slowly editing the first several hundred pages that I did by page count before I started going chapter by chapter. I apologize for any errors. This was a massive undertaking and time sadly constrains the quality.

Many ideas in here can either rewrite rum history, fill in voids or help clarify fuzzy spots.

Preface + Chapter I Generalities and History

Chapter II Raw Materials of the Rhummerie

Chapter III Distillery Fermentations

Chapter IV The Yeasts [Make you ctrl+f to see the frequency of occurrence of “fission” vs.”budding” & “saccharomyces” vs. “schizosaccharomyces”.]

Chapter V Preparation of Rhummerie Musts

Chapter VI Fermentation of Musts [Edited so you can find the beginning but still first draft]

Chapter VII Distillation of Wines [Edited so you can find the beginning but still first draft]

Chapter VIII Arak and Cane Wines

Chapter IX Aging of Rums

Chapter X Purification and Artificial Aging

Chapter XI Preparation of Rhums for Sale

Chapter XII Rhum in Food and Medicine

Chapter XIII Composition of Rums

Chapter XIV Principal Types of Rhum

Chapter XV Spirits Analysis

Chapter XVI Organoleptic Examination and Appraisal of Rhums

Chapter XVII Analysis of Distillery Materials

Chapter XVIII Control Of The Manufacture

Chapter XIX Principle Countries Producing Rum

Chapter XX Rum Consumption in France, England and the United States


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