Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Lavender)

Lavender is an aroma I have always enjoyed. Its aroma feels very congruent with juniper like it tonally modified it. There where times when it was coming across the birectifier I perceived olfactory-acid sourness and that is the hallmark of a gin botanical. Something else revealed is that it is a early starter and quick ender. Much more aroma was found in the fourth fraction than fifth and the sixth was bland. This may influence the way someone chooses to group it if they are making a gin from multiple distillates. At 15 gram scaling, which seemed quite intense, there was not a lot of fraction 1 generic terpene aroma which is observed in many other botanicals. This is a bit curious because lavender is so diffusive but that may be due to the above average volatility of its essential oil.

15 g/100 ml absolute alcohol scaling. Anti foam was added. As usual, to prevent bumping I used pumice stones.

During boiling the lavender was lifted up the whole time by vapor and never seemed to sink to the bottom of the flask.

Fraction 4 louched upon dilution while fraction 5 is louched in the volumetric flask.

Fraction 1: Louching and generic zestiness. Not represetative of lavender. Though this dome seem like a slightly different zestiness than other botanicals. I wish I could try it side by side with others.

Fraction 2: Diminutive form of fraction 1.

Fraction 3: Faint aroma so imprecise it can only be said to have an angular shape.

Fraction 4: Intense louche but only upon dilution which is quite surprising. The aroma is significant slice of lavender. I sense a bright round note among lots of angular features. Taste on the palate is very acrid.

Fraction 5: The volumetric flask has an emulsion and I remember it louching immediately upon distillation, however in the glass with 1:1 dilution it appears clear while oil droplets float to the surface. There are lots of angular notes, but then something stale. There is still an acridness on the palate. Fractions 4 and 5 may not be different aroma compounds so much as ethanol has just run out. Fraction 4 is high ethanol so the essential oil will be soluble and only louche upon dilution (2:1) while fraction 5 has nearly no ethanol to begin with. I’ve seen this in other botanicals and been tricked by it. Lavender is just an early starter.

Beginning of fraction five showing a louche.

Fraction 6: Small amount of oil droplets, but otherwise the flavor is dropping off. It almost feels like a menth like sensation the palate.

3 thoughts on “Birectifier Analysis Of A Single Botanical (Lavender)

  1. What anti foaming agent are you using?

  2. I’m using Atmos 300k defoamer:

    Sometimes small amounts of foaming can start to flood the column. It only takes a drop.

  3. Thanks. I sometimes get foam ups on my lab still when I’m doing proof distillations for TTB reporting. This might solve that problem.

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