A Birectifier Mulligan

An analysis distillation of Hine VSOP ended up a mulligan and needs to be re-done. We cannot put much faith in the fractions. What happened was I was running two machines at one and the second machine was a little cramped for space. The condenser, which has a ball socket style connection was pointed two downwards which slightly constricted the opening. A constriction creates even more reflux when there was already plenty. The first fraction ended up taking 30 minutes instead of 15. The condensor should have been angled at or very near 45°. The choice of joint was selected for foregiveness to prevent breakage, but care must be taken that it does not influence reflux if it pivots to a point where the opening of the condensor is constricted.

We will only be able to say things conclusively when the spirit is re-analyzed and compared, but the extra slow first fraction may have robbed congeners from fractions 2 and pushed them into fraction 1. That is my hunch and it is not desirable. In the Arroyo/Luckow 25ml/15 minute system, fractions are distributed perfectly for organoletpic assessment. If it is conducted as faithfully as possible, useful comparison can be made.

I do suspect fraction 5 is fairly representative and it was laden with Cognac oil. Since this is a mulligan, it may go into cocktails or may go right into my aftershave. Glorious stuff.

Fraction 1: Intense non-culinary aromas

Fraction 2: Far more neutral than I would have imagined. Possibly congeners here, were pushed over into fraction 1.

Fraction 3: Very neutral, but there was almost something banana in there, but I cannot declare that with a lot of precision.

Fraction 4: Definite character of fusel oil. Not as intense as I would have imagined.

Fraction 5: Wildly concentrated relative to the other fractions. It feels like all the aroma of the entire spirit is right here. Very much like other fraction 5’s. Definitely concentrated, but no especially rare character. Slightly acrid on the palate, but not horribly undrinkable.

Fraction 6: Slight weighty creaminess. Possible lactic acid or ethyl lactate? Almost detected a subtle fruit character like prune or raisin.

Fraction 7: Slight stale aromas and slight acidity.

Fraction 8: Slight stale aromas and slight acidity.

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