For Sale: Birectifier Beverage Distillate Analysis Kit ($1800USD)

For Sale (pre-sale): Birectifier beverage distillate analysis kit ($1800USD)

What I’m developing here is Luckow’s birectifier, famously used by Rafael Arroyo in Puerto Rico to develop the next generation of ideas in distillation. The device went completely extinct, likely due to WWII, but I’ve revived it. Some of the biggest leads came after I bought a first edition of Studies on Rum from the estate of a Seagram employee and found an extra page tucked into it which was from an article in International Sugar Journal.

Arroyo attributed much of his research success to this device. It is sort of like a scalpel meets stethoscope for spirits. Small samples, such as 250 ml of 40% ABV spirit, are very slowly super fractionated into multiple (typically 8), uniform fractions for the sake of counting congeners and making comparisons. Coupled with a few sub-analysis techniques, it allows the progressive development and reverse engineering of spirits. Arroyo used this for yeast selection, fermentation optimization, still tuning, and even for decisions regarding aging.

It was not my intention to sell these until I generated enough supporting material, but there has been interest in playing along. Eventually, there will be a great operators manual with translations of the German supporting material to start people off as well as contemporary ideas such as use for gin prototyping.

The kit includes the birectifier with custom condenser, 500 ml distilling flask and laboratory stands. In the photo, but not included, are the heating mantle, thermometers, or the lab scissor platform.

Please email me directly if you are interested. I will hand deliver these to any distillery in a 150 miles radius, otherwise shipping will be fully insured and based on location.

Eventually, we (an MIT colleague and I) will be offering a full robotic automation kit to reduce active time of operation with a projected cost of $2000USD. We predict distillers will eventually want to run the machine twice a day.

Check back because this post will continuously be updated with supporting educational links and historical background material.

Arroyo, himself, gives us some very strong testimonials on the birectifier which I just digitized: The Birectifier in Rum Manufacture (1945).

And then I pull together more of the sub analysis ideas in Organoleptic to Actionable with the Birectifier.

My synthesis of it all will get better and better and expand beyond beyond rum. All the rum related ideas apply to any distillate derived from fermented products, but I think the tool can apply very significantly to gin production and distilled liqueurs like the triple-secs.

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