Rum Cast: Deepest Rum Rabbit Hole (w/ Stephen Shellenberger)

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I was just on the Rumcast talking with exemplary hosts Will Hoekenga and John Gulla. This is basically the off-broadway version of NPR’s This American Life.

[I am so impressed by this image Will & John created. Funny enough I just sent that passport image to Rafael Arroyo the 4th who had never seen it.]

We all discuss:

Tune in to the Rumcast here!

2 thoughts on “Rum Cast: Deepest Rum Rabbit Hole (w/ Stephen Shellenberger)

  1. Just listened to the podcast and now feel shamed to be a lurker and not a contributor!!
    On a different subject, I was interested to hear of the Caroni distllery selling fusel oil from the column to perfumers. A few years ago I attened a distilling course in Elgin, Scotland hosted by the IBD and the tutor mentioned the same thing happening there at whisky distilleries. At the time it seemed like an insignificant detail but now I’m better versed in the ways of rum oil (mainly due to this blog), the penny has dropped!

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