RTFM: Big & Small Bottle Bottlers, Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

Welcome to the Bostonapothecary Bottle Bottler series of counter pressure bottle fillers. You have just purchased a very unique tool, unlike any bottler on the market, from a very tiny Boston workshop.

Purchase: Large Bottle Bottler ($190USD)
Purchase: Small Bottle Bottler ($115USD)

This series of full enclosure bottle fillers is ingeniously built around very specific design revisions of commercial water filters. The incredibly durable filter sumps form a high pressure seal all the around the bottle instead of just with the mouth so that a wider variety of bottles can be used and the negative space can hold chilled water to cool the bottles. The heads are carefully machined to integrate Cornelius quick release fittings and bleeder valves. No other bottle filler in its price class can transfer at pressures high enough to effectively bottle sparkling wines or carbonated cocktail creations.

•The Small Bottle Bottler handles bottles sizes from 100 mL bottles to popular 200mL bottles all the way to Champagne 375’s.
•The Large Bottle Bottler handles bottles from 22 oz. beer bombers to Champagne 750’s.

Both designs operate on the same principles. To operate:
1. Put in your bottle of choice and securely screw the top onto the sump with the down tube sticking down the center of the bottle (refer to pictures).
2. Connect the gas hose and release the side valve to flush the bottle of Oxygen. Close the side valve which also brings unit to the same pressure as the keg. Disconnect the gas line (you are probably only transferring at 20-30 PSI).
3. Connect the liquid line from the keg and slowly release the side valve to create a low pressure system drawing liquid into the bottle. Close the side valve at your desired fill level.
4. Disconnect the liquid line and let the bottle bond for 30 seconds so that it does not foam upon releasing pressure (at this time you could start working on another unit).
5. 30 seconds later… Release pressure using the side valve. Remove the bottle and promptly cap it.
6. Start a new bottle!

2 thoughts on “RTFM: Big & Small Bottle Bottlers, Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

  1. Well done! This changes my bottling equipment purchase plans –

    Im in Boston as well, would love to check out your workshop

  2. the shop is in Brookline. Send me an email and I’ll set it up.

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