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I’m a long-time friend, ex-resident of the Houghton Street Speakeasy and technical advisor for Stephen.

Hope you all enjoy the new look. It really highlights the wonderful content Stephen writes. It should be more mobile-friendly as well.

Just wanted to share an R&D project I was working on today. Some of you may have heard about Bitcoin, the internet protocol used to send and receive value.

Here we use a Raspberry Pi controller for connecting to the Bitcoin blockchain over the internet. The Pi is controlling a switch that is connected to an electronically actuated standard NPS valve.

Raspberry Pi running Bitcoin-core controlling an NPS valve.
Raspberry Pi running Bitcoin-core controlling an NPS valve.

When the Pi controller sees a bitcoin transaction to a specific wallet address, it will open the valve. This means that anyone sending bitcoin to that wallet will cause the controller to open the valve, and pour the beer!

Now we can connect the valve to a standard keg, and we’ve got an automatic beer-pouring keg powered by bitcoin! This is literally a home-brewed homebrew Internet-of-things.

A working prototype will be coming to a bitcoin startup in Boston.


2 thoughts on “New Look

  1. I don’t see the search box with the new look. Has it been abandoned?

  2. sorry about that rex, let me look into it.

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