Manzanilla a.k.a. Chamomile Acid

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I just acquired La Gitana which is a classic bottling from Bodegas Hidalgo. These dry sherries are often beyond the average of most people’s tastes to drink alone, but so is straight lemon juice and that means they can mix spectacularly.

i just entered Boston’s Hendrick’s cocktail contest and this what I settled on:

1.5 oz. hendrick’s gin
1 oz. manzanilla sherry (la gitana, a very classic bottling…)
.5 oz. sloe gin (plymouth)
.5 oz. yellow chartreuse
dash of peychaud’s bitters

Chartreuse and sloe gin are my favorite liqueur duo’s at the moment. The yellow works especially well. The contest was looking for cocktails that highlight a botanical besides cucumber and rose petal within Hendrick’s botanical formula. Manzanilla as a sherry style was named after the chamomile flower because its flavor has that earth apple character, but it also has badass cocktail craving acidity! A classic example of the sherry (unlike the La Cigarrera manzanilla that I really like) gives chamomile acid to contrast the liqueurs and support the gin.

When I tried the drink with green Chartreuse all it brought out in the wine was the intimidating oxidized wine character. Yellow Chartreuse really highlighted the earth apple character of the sherry.

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