Hacking Gin

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So there is a lot of talk of Genever style gin going around. Yet I haven’t really been able to get my hands on any. A select few bars around here have it and have been coming up with gorgeous drinks but I would love to have a go at the stuff in the comforts of my own kitchen. But if its not readily available in any liquor store, how could I approximate it?

500 ml gordon’s london dry gin
12 oz. malta india (malt soda)
slowly re-distill

Though I’m not sure if there is any sugars added to Genever style gins, the malt aroma gives a warm sweetness to the gin and I don’t really feel the need to add any sugar. Any insights?

The distillate may need to rest but I think it may need more than 12 oz. of malt soda to get closer to young genever from the tap.

So now that some genevers are coming to market is there any producer that is simply going to add malt as a botanical to their existing processes to bang out a product?

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5 thoughts on “Hacking Gin

  1. They sell the domestic stuff — Anchor’s Genevieve — for about $30 at Downtown Wine & Spirits in Davis Square.

  2. The Boomsma Oude is readily available from both Marty’s Allston and Martignetti’s. Good stuff, drinkable straight on the rocks.

  3. cool. i was looking for the boomsma. i saw it in the atblantic distributor’s catalog but was told it was out of stock.

  4. i think i want to redistill tanqueray with pomegranate seeds.

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