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Papers digitized by the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka are really impressing me. For some reason that part of the world is better at digitizing their agricultural literature than the west. Anyone remember my round up of recent vermouth literature? Most of the papers came from India.

If you really think about it, the hundreds of new spirits producers in this country are getting ripped off these days. This isn’t from the perspective of taxes or investment money, its from the perspective of government funded helpful and pragmatic research directed at their industry (that we used to have, the IRS of all people being the most important). If we aren’t going to do new research, we might as well digitize the old stuff as a service to all these new job creators. It would be cool if the Library of Congress took an interest. In the mean time, you’ve got me.

The Manufacture and Characteristics of Ceylon Arrack—I
The history in here is wildly interesting with spectacular photographs of the tree tappers which give a better understanding of how it all goes down. I love at the end how they use “staybrite” brand scouring pads to filter the coconut sap.

The Commercial Possibilities of Manufacturing High Grade Vinegar from Coconut Toddy
Lately I’ve been collecting vinegar research papers to help a start up producer in Maine that hopes to do some amazing stuff with cider vinegar. This paper isn’t too in depth, but does give a nice overview of the generator method which often a new concept to startup producers.

Microbiology of Coconut Sap Fermentation
This is a really wonderful accessible paper. I’m hoping to start to do very similar projects with a rum I am trying to develop which uses a novel indigenous yeast fermentation technique.

Toddy Effluent from Distilleries
A great easy to understand look at effluent that shows how environmentally conscious they were early on. This pertains to arrack but should be insightful to any spirit producer. The conclusion section is well worth checking out.

The Manufacture of Coconut Toddy Vinegar by the “Generator” Process

The History of Vinegar Production and the Use of Coconut Toddy as a Raw Material: Part I Historical Introduction
Interesting but a bit tedious. What is wild is that the case wasn’t completely crack until into the 20th century.

The History of Vinegar Production and the Use of Coconut Toddy as a Raw Material: Part II

This Pure Products article from 1917 on coconut sap starting on page 285 is wildly interesting. It is a great survey from scientists visiting the area.

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