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The blog is moving and I’m moving with it. After 15 years of being headquartered in Boston, I’m headed to Philadelphia. If you’re near by and a fan of the blog, say hello.

I am also offering consulting in the area. I will show up at your distillery within 75 miles of Philadelphia and put in an 8 hour day of routine analysis work and forward thinking projects.

What I propose for an 8 hour day billed at $250 (plus tolls for the Jersey crowd):

  • I bring my birectifier (until you purchase one).
  • First, we analyze the past week’s production.
  • Second, we analyze a forward thinking project such as a role model to make comparisons or perform product development on a gin or similar aromatized spirit.
  • Third, we analyze heads and tails fractions for insights about optimizing fermentation and distillation.
  • We construct tasting panels to score distillates and progressively inch everything forward.

Over time (typically one day per week), I can help introduce a distillery to the birectifier as an analysis method and can make sure you are distilling at the peak potential of your fermentation. In the inactive time during birectifier work, various product development projects can be explored.

This is an opportunity to gain access to unique equipment and a ton of experience. There are only so many days in the week and I expect to get busy, fast. If you are close by Philadelphia, feel free to reach out.

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