“Bolivar soy yo!” (if you drink enough of these…)

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Every now and then when its scorchingly hot and I crave a respite in cool marbled halls, I slip into the old wing of the Boston Public Library and make sure everything is still there where I left it last summer. The lions still guard the staircase and my favorite busts are still lurking in the cool shadows. An interesting one to incite some day dreams is at the top of the main staircase and to the left by the window that over looks the most underused and stunning courtyard garden in the city. “El Libertador”, Simon Bolivar, this guy liberated all of my favorite booze producing countries from the colonial grip of Spain so that they could start their own paths to culinary greatness. And so, if a drink is named after Bolivar, it doesn’t exactly have to contain any of the fruits of the revolution, it simply must be Bolivar-esque a.k.a. heroic in the spirit.

“the Bolivar”
1.5 oz. lagavulin 16
.5 oz. dried apricot infused pisco (a handful per 750ml of barsol)
1 oz. chamberyzette
1 oz. lime juice
spoonful of simple syrup
dash of angostura bitters

This smells like nothing but intimidation, but its all scotchy smoke and mirrored reflections off mixing glasses. Those brave enough to imbibe “the Bolivar” will find a refuge more reposeful than the BPL.

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