Alma’s Whisper…

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Alma’s Whisper
1 oz. blanco tequila (herradura)
1 oz. reposado tequila (herradura)
1 oz. chamberyzette (replica)
1 oz. lime juice
.5 oz. simple syrup
2 dashes of peychaud’s bitters

I had made this drink quite a few ways and every time it was good, but last night I made it as listed for Roman who is the greatest patron of my cocktails. Roman and I discussed how to name the drink and determined that when consuming something that contained the bottled, but not exactly caged spirits of plant beings, you should be possessed by them and let them whisper to you…

This drink is dominated by loud and impressive agave voices conversing amongst each other amidst a crowd of adolescent, alpine, eavesdroppers… The lime is wise enough to stay silent, but rests itself against the other spirits changing the pitch of what comes out… Last night, according to Roman, the only dialogue that could be deciphered is “the desert is large”…

If you try it out let us know what you hear.

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3 thoughts on “Alma’s Whisper…

  1. stephen – i need to try this. but, as you know, im not allowed to drink in the restaurant. how can i get one of these without buying all the ingredients (some of which i dont even know what they are)?

  2. i’m sure we can make one at work tom… this web journal was intended for advanced drinkers or people not afraid to google everything they have never heard of, but i guess i can provide more background via links…

  3. LOVE the writing on this one. So descriptive in so many ways!!! Really awesome :) (and I want to try the drink too, even though I hate tequila…but you have a nack for making tequila drinks that I can stand)

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