A Simple Drink

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2 oz. aguardiente! (90 proof distilled i.p.a. with pomegranate seeds)
1 oz. chamberyzette (replica)
dash peychaud’s

The grain like character of the young spirit is really cool and the hop-strawberry contrast is divine. The spirit is uncut but I don’t seem to mind. I wanted to make sure I got all the aromas. I was always told a distilled heavily hopped beer would suck because the hops would be obnoxious but that doesn’t seem to be so. I think a big part of the hops are left behind (bitter) and all you get is a floral capacity. This supposedly has a large amount of pomegranate seeds but their distilled character is really subtle.

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1 thought on “A Simple Drink

  1. At an event Monday I got to try the full range of Cognac Ferrand products. The Cognacs were good, but the whole exercise was sort of academic to me beyond a certain point. The Ambre is less good than the next one and so on. But is the top of the line worth $1100 a bottle, wholesale? Whatever. Only amusing in that I can say I’ve tried it.

    Anyway, for me, the most interesting spirit of the afternoon was a sample of some uncut, unaged brandy they brought along. Very nicely distilled stuff, reminding me of Pisco or Tequila. Now that, I could see mixing with.

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