Return of the Champagne Bottle Manifold

I developed this product many years ago and have shipped them around the world, but I’m finally ready to launch the final design revision.


Cornelius quick release fittings use a proprietary 19/32-18 threading that is very hard to create. You can’t get a tap or die so you either need CNC or go old school full manual with an engine lathe. I finally got my engine lathe set up to cut the threads which frees me from a piece I was previously buying. It also makes the design more solid because a single piece of metal has the threads and extends all the way down to the shoulder that contacts the food safe seal. The design still uses square acme style threads to engage the collar which are created with a molding process that molds them precisely around the brass. A one piece metal design probably can’t be done without CNC and the price would likely double.


I don’t sell very many to the cocktail community which never latched on to the usefulness of Champagne bottles, so most sell to experimental wine makers and sparkling wine sales reps looking for high fidelity preservation.

For the trade, brand logos can be engraved in the brass so they are visible under the translucent plastic. If you are a Champagne house, feel free to buy them bulk for your sales teams.

If for any obscure brewing project you need 19/32-18 threads, I can cut them!

The Keg-To-Champagne-Bottler will likely be updated using these design improvements.

Don’t forget about the amazing Small Bottle Bottler or the infamous Large Bottle Bottler which is a full enclosure tool for many large beer bottle sizes and Champagne 750’s. Somehow I’ve managed to produce the most complete and effective lineup of affordable pilot plant bottling equipment on the market!

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