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First you write to get noticed
then you keep writing to notice.

This definitely not the thing I normally pursue but if you’ve got the time and you’ve been a fan of the Bostonapothecary I encourage you to nominate me for Best Cocktail & Spirits writer at the 2015 Tales of the Cocktails.

Typically I just keep working and do not worry about this stuff but I’m trying to raise my profile a bit to tackle larger projects and I’ve been told recognition might help (I need to raise $300k to start a distillery). I’ve split my time between this blog and eGullet for the last eight+ years and have generated mountains of innovative & influential content. Many of the ideas I have shared like making your own vermouth have gone on to become national trends while other ideas like the kegging of craft cocktails has gone on to become international phenomenons.

Much of what I’ve done is still ahead of its time. Contemporary culinary still isn’t exploring neurogastronomy at any significant level but its been very important here for years. People are slowly becoming hip to non linguistic thought, olfactory illusions, and contrast enhancement in space & time. This fall I will even be teaching a course at the sMFA on Aesthetics Through the Lens of Beverage Artifacts which is based on much of my writings.

Besides a fountain of avant garde thought, the Bostonapothecary is pretty much the only independent food lab (complete with plastic foundry!). Other contemporary labs like that of Booker & Dax or 69 Colbrook Row enjoy enormous support and funding that I certainly don’t get. The lab has made big contributions to the spirits industry, particularly the new distilling scene and information found here and nowhere else has become the cornerstone of many new businesses.

But the award is about cocktail & spirits writing? Yes, the Bostonapothecary has published innovative works like the New Distiller’s Workbook series, countless writings at eGullet, deep meditations on cocktails like the Daiquiri, Martini, and Manhattan. and broken the case on histories like that of Jamaican rum distiller W.F. Whitehouse that evaded many other drinks historians. These writings become whole published books for other writers, but they are just the day to day around here.

The writings are diverse and to sum it up, I don’t write about spirits & cocktails as an end like other writers, I simply write about & explore thought through spirits & cocktails. There really is no other territory so fertile.


Stephen Shellenberger is the Bostonapothecary. He can be nominated as a “person” and the email address shellenbergers [at] hotmail [dot] com can be used.

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