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Someone recently was asking me how big is the Bostonapothecary blog? I didn’t really know, I’ve been at this stuff for years, so it made sense to throw together a giant index of all my writings and order them by popularity.

If you’ve enjoyed my out of the box style of spirits and cocktail writing, feel free to nominate me for Best Cocktail & Spirits writer at the 2015 Tales of the Cocktails. I (Stephen Shellenberger) can be nominated as a “person” and the email address shellenbergers [at] hotmail [dot] com can be used.

Dry Rum & Dry Gin? I like mine wet…
For Sale: Champagne Bottle Manifold ($100USD)
Ice Wine Grenadine
Deconstructing Campari
Vermouth: Its Production & Future
Hercules: a liqueur interpretation, replica or rendering
Deconstructing Sweet Vermouth
advanced limoncello basics
Deconstructing Popular Aromatic “Bitters”
Chamberyzette: An Elusive Eccentric Vermouth

Fenaroli’s Handbook of Flavor Ingredients
Instant Aging: Vacuum Reduction Yields Barrel “Bouillion” Cubes
From Free Fatty Acids to Aromatic Esters: Esterification in the Still Made Simple(r)
sweet potato fly
Reward System Theories
Advanced Kegging Basics
hand made creole shrubb
A Cheese and Vermouth Pairing
For Sale: Counter Pressure Keg-to-Champagne Bottler ($225USD)

Sweet Rebellion: a short theory of acquired tastes and an unsavory explanation of harmony
Juniper Report: A Blog-Quality Survey of Academic Gin Literature
Amer Picon replica
A Theory of Wine-food Interaction
“Muck Hole” Not “Dunder Pit”
Vermouth: An Annotated Bibliography
Gold Medal Sweet Vermouth
Fruit Brandy Distillate and Brandy Flavor Essence
Advanced Aroma Theory Basics
The Importance of Vermouth

Advanced Sugar Management Basics
Advanced Emotional Content Basics (liqueurs!)
Developing the Vermouth Formula
The Manhattan: Prior Convictions and Ulterior Motives
widely used but maybe also widely taken for granted, aroma fixatives are mysterious
Reflux de-aeration and what it can do for you.
preserved single varietal honey syrup
“basket pressed” pineapple juice
sweet potato ginger beer
Measure Carbonation with your Kitchen Scale!

Sabrage: Valuable Safety Lessons for Working with Re-purposed Champagne Bottles.
RTFM: Using Your Brand New Manifold/Carbonator
Fluid Gels Are Our Future; Fernet Bombardino
TKO in 9 rounds with Bostonapothecary
An Extinct Style Of Drink?
Maraschino Cherry 101 (literally, there is a one credit course at U. Oregon)
Putting the “extra” back in extra dry vermouth
Cocktails for 400, well more than 200 of 400…
High Pressure Liquid Transfer Bottler End All, Be All
1989 James F. Guymon Lecture: Distillation in Alambic by Robert Léauté

Advanced Soda Making Basics
Culinary Aestheticism – A Tale of Two Harmonies
Colonial Pissing Contests with the great Agricola, W.F. Whitehouse
Advanced Nut Milk Basics
High Pressure Small Bottle Filler (100 mL / 187 mL)
An Amazing Mead based Shrub Cheater
New Ways of Thinking About Carbonation
Olfactory Phantoms and Illustrations of the Dynamics of Perception
Green Apple Soda as De-aeration Color-Indicator-Test
Reconstructing Cointreau

Adventures in Aftermarket Maraschino
Elusive High Pressure Bottling
joseph konig’s orange curacao (1879)
Vermouth… Some Practical Hints
a cocktail and a note on seville orange juice
Noilly Prat
This Day In Rum History (1937)
Deconstructing Cointreau
more fun (or not) with seville orange juice
Culinary Deconstruction: defending a breakdown of the extraordinary

Distiller’s Workbook exercise 15 of 15
Which “taste” do you mean? sensory parsing versus cognitive dissonance
La Perique
Martini Time!
Some Like It Hot: Sous Vide Hot Drinks
Advanced Super Stimuli Basics
Mackinlay Scotch: The closest to invincible any whisky ever got
Working with one less tool; finding specific gravity with a kitchen scale
Contrast Enhancement (In Space and Time) For Food & Wine Interaction

Distiller’s Workbook exercise 2 of 15
The “Maraschino” Blackberry Illusion
Short Tales of Olfactory Illusions
For Sale: Small Bottle Bottler
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 1 of 15
High Pressure Batching! NYE Edition.
Advanced Sensory Convergence Basics
Advanced Culinary Communication Basics
Non-potable Pure Pot Still Purell; Wormwood Aromatized Hand Sanitizer
Philosophy of Involvement

Standardizing Botanicals: Me and My Soxhlet Extractor
Revolution in Vermouth
A round up of the most current Vermouth literature
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 14 of 15
DIY Barrel Proof Overholt
Newman’s own Creole Shrub
This Day in History: 1879
Daiquiri; An Analysis
strange olfactory phenomena: adventures in contrast detection
H.T. Davoren. 1955. The Effect of pH on Brandy Composition

Carbonating With an Agitating Head (1917)
Hacking Gin
Turning the Sky Blue and Turning on Contrast Detection in Olfaction with Language
Advanced Hogo Basics with Victorian Rum Genius No. 2
Trehalose, fixatives, “rendering”, and the limits of re-distillation
No Thanks, I’m Sweet Enough
gambling on a gallon of wine…
Planet Underwined
Getting to know the NCBE
Barrel Aging / Rhetoric / Information Design

cup cakes shots? advanced reality construction basics
The WineMine Chronicles
Spirits Library
Redistributing Consolidated Knowledge
Nature vs. Nurture vs. Cocktail: Holistic vs. Salient Creative Linkage
Why we drink: A break from language
Advanced Oversimplification Basics; The Ordinary and Extraordinary
Hypothetically Speaking
1983 James F. Guymon Lecture: California Brandy — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Elie C. Skofis
After Midnight Kind of Flavors

Distiller’s Workbook exercise 8 of 15
sloe gin two ways…
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 3 of 15
The plywood whiskey barrels that inspired the Eames recliner
In chemistry for budding food scientists, Peter Atkins is your Virgil.
The Two Thresholds Of Our Two Worlds
manzanilla a.k.a. chamomile acid…
S. H. Hastie and W. D. Dick on Furfural and some other distillation gems.
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 16 of 15 Special effects!
Scotch / Pond Water / Floaties / Ammonia / Misc.

Demisting & The Spirits Safe
Fun with La Cigarrera’s Manzanilla
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 10 of 15
Back to Class with Maynard Amerine
W.R. Jamieson. 1950. Factors Affecting the Composition of French Style Brandies
P. LeH. Tummel. 1948. Acidity Modifies Brandy Composition
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 6 of 15
The Tribuno Papers
The stepping stones of analysis and a cry for help (· · · – – – · · ·)
Fun With Flavor Contrast and Exceptional Aroma

Distiller’s Workbook exercise 13 of 15
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 4 of 15
A Still Operation Phenomenon Explained
The Influence of Distillation Methods on Brandy Composition (1939)
G. Ordinneau, On the nature of the Ethers of the Brandy and on the causes that influence it’s quantity
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 5 of 15
The Alcohol Library
literacy of the olfactory sense; acting without reacting
W.O. Graham. 1939. A comparison of the composition of successive fractions obtained during distillation and their relation to the composition of commercial brandies.
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 11 of 15

Maccheroncelli Primivera with Falanghina
Hastie, circa 1925, and the new era of pot distillation
R.T. Heath. 1941. The effect of certain distillation procedures on the brandy composition.
J.R. Walters. 1947. The effect of the tartaric acid content of wine on the composition of distillates
The Future Is Not What It Used To Be: The IRS’ Plywood Barrel Aged Whiskey
Important Snippets from Joseph Merory’s Food Flavorings
The Flavour Components of Whiskey in Three Acts
raw meat infused over proof guyana rum
french top punch
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 9 of 15

Distiller’s Workbook exercise 12 of 15
Hopped Distillate Construction
Well-placed Witnesses to Beverage History with Ruth Teiser
Interesting or Pathetic Circumstances
‘Tis The Season.
harnessing frames of mind: non-linguistic techniques for detecting contrast in olfaction
Charles River Punch cocktails
Cerises au Soleil
Charles River Punch
Antiseptic Botanicals and the Human Condition

Vino Endoxa: The Categories of Affect versus Sensation
Vino Endoxa
Distiller’s Workbook exercise 7 of 15
A Case For 21 And Other Small Insights
Revisiting the 2003 eGullet Symposium
High Fidelity Gin Distilling / Perceptual puzzles / Musings
fighting the good fight with cocktail acids…
a simple drink…
fava beans and bruleed pecorino toscano with aged balsamic
An Attentional Features Primer

Maximum Rhetoric, Problem Solving and Categories
Supplementary 19th century Rum History
“bolivar soy yo!” (if you drink enough of these…)
B. Hickin. 1975. A Modified Distillery Procedure
Vino Endoxa: Freedom & Confinement
And The World Watched Jamaica…
Early Accounts of Arrack Et Al.
Two Summery Dishes And Some Wine
capturing the big easy… (or not)
alma’s whisper…

Vino Endoxa®: Three new categories and Pamela Vandyke Price
Six New Distillation Papers From The IRS
Search for the Real: Olfactory Hallucinations and Passive Learning
Chas. W. Kelly. 1938. Suitable methods of testing commercial spirit and the results obtained in testing a representative group of commercial samples.
Playing God (or Carving Venus): Food Product Design

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